Is it the best WordPress program to make websites these days?

Turdpress, Bootcrap, jQueery and all the rest of the crap is burying the net in a pile of swollen garbage. If you do not believe me, try to validate ANY site created with ANY CMS and observe the errors that spread on the network. Usually, those programs crash the code of the page often TEN times more than necessary. All this costs bandwidth (MONEY) for anyone who sees those pages. ANYONE who uses them is the user's invisibility.

And contrary to popular belief, they are NOT easier to use. Yes, they will easily spit out a page with tons of errors. Then, he spends the rest of his life fixing fixes for corrected bugs, which becomes an endless job, absorbing more money from the creator of the site.

It is better to learn to use your favorite text editor and DO IT IMMEDIATELY so that you can forget about it and move on to the next project. Yes, there is an initial learning curve, but the result is that you NEVER need to correct mistakes again and again. And you should NEVER spend the rest of your life attacking bugs, as you have to do with Turdpress, etc.

One of the best people here to learn, assuming you do NOT have thin skin, is @deathshadow. Visit their website to learn how to code without tearing your hair. You have probably forgotten that more than 99% of DPs will ever learn. And when you need help, ask him. He will tell you what is wrong in a VERY COLORFUL language on your face. Just do not take it personally – learn from it.