Is it possible to SSH to a virtual machine without static IP, inside an ESXI 6.7 with static IP?

I’m noob. I newly got an Gen8 HP server. Suppose I have 3 virtual machines (Debian 10) on ESXi 6.7 which are locally connected with some internal IPs like and 102 and 103. Suppose I have one static IP to connect to my ESXi from browser having no problem and I have another static IP which is assigned to VM-1 and can be connected through SSH from any where.

The problem is : I want to connect through SSH to my VM-2 by something like putty/Winscp/dbForgeStudionMysql/ and etc!! Is it possible to get access to VM-2 and VM-3 without having a static IP?

How can I do that? Any hint is appreciable.