Is it legal to use “Linux Distributions” for the purpose of making money?

I am planning to open a blog webpage, publish technology-based content on it in Turkish language, maybe in English language later, and make money via blogger earning methods like Google AdSense.

In this blog, for example, I’ll post:

  1. What is DNS?
  2. What is DHCP Server?
  3. What is Network Policy Server?
  4. What is File Server Resource Manager?
  5. What is Firewall?

I want my posts have screenshots and/or videos. That’s why, for example, I’ll describe the DNS, and enrich the post in conjunction with DNS Server installation and configurations for the first post, or I’ll redirect the user to another page of my blog with a link for installation and configurations.

Due to screenshots and videos are problematic for Microsoft products such as Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 without activation, for the third or fourth post, I won’t add screenshots or videos as long as I don’t meet equivalents of them in Linux distributions, they will just have descriptions.

I thought that I can use Linux distributions for this purpose. However, firstly, I want to be sure whether this kind of usage is legal or not for Linux distributions like Ubuntu, CentOS, and Kali Linux.