Is it easier to qualify for Bing?

others may disagree, if you expect to survive in SEO, then you probably will not be able to do it without Google traffic, since
Google provides much more traffic than bing, msn and yahoo combined (most likely) I've never heard anyone
saying that bing search has paid for its vacations, and I suspect that bing traffic will be negligible compared to Google …

As for why you're not in google it's another story; your site is less than two months old and, normally,
It can take up to six months to get out of the sandbox, and some people think it's a myth, and can
take up to 1-2 years for your site to really take off (depends on the niche, the competition, etc.)

and there's no way to separate SEO between Google, Bing, MSN, they're all working
The same SEO practices that you are applying to your site. Just sit down and keep doing what
you're doing it, and if you're not violating any of Google's guidelines, then Google will be activated at some point …

I've set up a 5 year domain, and I instructed WP not to index all my demo / junk content, and I guess
What, all my demo / junk was indexed, however, my domain has age and some authority …
and his domain of two months has nothing on my 5 year domain, however, at the end of the
day, you just have to give it time, let your domain age more and improve
few backlinks at once. Google is not in a hurry to get to the top, and
Because of spam, you have to earn your way on the ladder, there are no free trips …