Is it a scam or a legitimate place to earn money?

Warning: Before investing in Hyips, Mlm and Revshares, you must understand that the programs of this business are very high risk businesses, do not invest what you are afraid of losing in successful programs.

Taurise is a new invesmtnet program online from 3/28/2018, this status of the program on its official website:

Our business model includes a continuous analysis of the innovative technology market and the creative thinking of each individual member of our team. Consequently, we can be one step ahead of our competitors in the planning stage.
The continuous flow of external investments from our partners around the world allows us to develop several times faster than our competitors without being adjusted by particular budgetary frameworks.
The ambitions of our employees grow with each new achievement of ours, and as an example, we can proudly present our new ASIC Miner ECO Solar v.2.00. The miner who has shown the world what can be a super-productive and ecological mining instrument. It is manufactured to the highest standards, exceptionally easy to use and truly unbeatable among its known counterparts.
Taurise uses various marketing strategies aimed at achieving maximum recognition among mining tool manufacturing companies, starting with classic advertising and even multilevel marketing elements: everything to popularize ASIC Miner ECO Solar v.2.00 around the world in a short time .

This program offers 7 invesmtnet plans:

Plan 1: 1.8% daily for 10 days.
Investment: from $ 30 to $ 199,
Duration of the investment: 30 days.

Plan 02: 2% daily for 20 days.

Investment: from 200 USD to 999 USD.

Plan 03: 2.3% daily for 35 days.

Invesmtent: from 1000 USD to 9999 USD

Plan 04: 2.5% daily for 50 days.

Investment: from 10000 USD to 100000 USD.

Plan 05: 3.5% daily for 25 days.

Invesmtent: from 700 USD to 5000 USD.

Plan 06 :: 4.5% daily for 40 days.

Inventory: from 5001 USD to 20 000 USD

Plan 07: 3.5% daily for 70 days.

Investment: from 500 USD to 30000 USD.

For the sharpening you will get:

A bonus of 150 USD, when it reaches 15,000 USD of sales in your team, a bonus of 400 USD when it reaches sales of 30000 USD in its teams, a bonus of 500 USD when it reaches 60000 USD of sales in its team, a bonus of 2000 USD when it reaches 100000 USD of sales on its equipment, a bonus of 5000 USD when it reaches sales of 249999 U7SD of sales on its equipment, a bonus of 7500 USD when it reaches 500000 USD of sales on its equipment, a bonus of 10,000 USD when it reaches 750000 USD of sales in your team, a bonus of 50000 USD when it reaches 1000000 USD of sales in your team.

In addition to that, you will get 7% in the first level, 4% in the second level, 2% in the third level, 1% in level four and 0.5% in level five.

For payment methods, you can deposit and withdraw this program using: Perfect Money, Advcash, Payeer, Ethereum and Litecoin.

The minimum deposit in this program is 30 USD, and the minimum withdrawal is 1 USD.

You can join the site here