Is it a problem to stay with 2CheckOut?

I just read in this forum several stories about closing 2CheckOut accounts at random, but at least yes at the end of the release of the funds. Then I went through Google and found similar stories. I am using 2CO for at least 5 years, probably more. I never had a problem.

I think it's safe to leave it as it is for now, because even if they shut me down, it only means that I lose your service, but not money. I also have PayPal, so I can continue doing business. I would try Stripe but it is not available in my country. I also have several "recurring payments" with 2CO, so even if I do not take more new orders, I do not want to ask those customers to redo their payments since it could bother them, etc.

So, do you agree that there is no real risk of keeping 2CO as one of my payment processors in the meantime?