Is Bitcoin Cash safer?

Bitcoin is protected by mining test work using SHA256 as the mining algorithm. Bitcoin Cash uses the same algorithm, so the specialized ASIC hardware used to extract a coin could also be used to extract the other.

PoW currencies are susceptible to "51% attacks", which are possible when a bad actor controls most of the network's powers.

Usually, when we consider "how safe" a blockchain is, we consider how likely or likely it is that a single entity (or a group of collusive entities) gains control of the majority of the hash power available for a currency. . The more hashpower a currency has signaled, the safer we can consider it to be. This is because an attacker would need a greater amount of hashpower under his control to execute an attack.

From, we can see that in the last 7 days, the hashrate BTC has been about 47.3 exahashes / second, while the haschate BCH has been about 1.6 exahashes / second.

For this measure, Bitcoin Cash is surely It is not "safer".