iphone – Creating a copy of an ITunes backup using Apple ComputerMobile SyncBackup folder

Instructions found on internet says that I need to edit the:
“Info.plist” file.
Here is where the backup folder was found: “C:Users%username%AppDataRoamingApple ComputerMobileSyncBackup” folder, where “%username%” represents your Windows username

Proceeding with the instructions: 1) I copied and pasted a copy of the backup folder.
2) Renamed the copy with date, time and “nickname”.
3) opened the copied folder and found the Info.plist file.
4) Used Windows Notepad to open the Info.plist in order to edit it.
5) as directed went to the bottom of the file for the purpose of finding “Yourname’s iPhone” per this instruction: “Edit the last line, which should look similar to ” Yourname’s iPhone”. Change it to something like “Yourname’s iPhone – Dec 12, 2013″ so that you can easily identify the date of the backup.”
6) there was no such ‘last line’.

So my questions are: A) how can I edit the copied backup folder’s Info.plist since I did not find that line?
B)The instructions indicate that the purpose of changing the last line is to differentiate it from all other backup folders. However, in the Library listing where I found the original file, I did change the name of the copied file so from that I can differentiate it from all others. So the question is: do I really need to change the last (non-existant) line of the Info.plist file when I can easily differentiate the copied backup folder by the name change I performed?

Any help is, of course, gratefully appreciated.