ios – Is there an iPad app that can convert bluetooth data from a device and convert it to PDF and send it to another location

We have this device which does a Service Connection Testing when testing an electrical connection at a premise. This device communicates via bluetooth to an Android application. Unfortunately we are an apple shop and the vendor is not going to build and iOS app. We have done a SWOT analysis and are exploring the option below.

We require the data from the Device to be transported to our document management system over the internet. Essentially this is how the data needs to travel Bluetooth to an iOS device (leverage the internet connectivity of the iPad) convert the data to a PDF and send it to our document management system.

My question is,

Is there any iPad app which does this ?

Has anyone built any application which has simiilar functionality ?

Is there an IoT device attached to the comms port which can do this ?

What is the best way to solve this problem wireless (the use of an android device is not an option)

The following is the device details