ios – How to solve IPhone Safari problems and reload old touches when you open them again?

I have several questions regarding "Loading and reloading pages" in the iPhone Safari.

Basically, when you browse while using Safari, sometimes you open a touch with Page A and suddenly decide to open another touch to load and see PAGE B

The touch with Page A was left intact and remained open in your browser.

So, here is the problem. After closing the tap with PAGE B. I wanted to see the same content of the tap again for PAGE A

From the tap thumbnail, the page looked like it was still the same one I had seen before. However, when I click on that thumbnail and get that touch, expand and open correctly. That page A suddenly got a "Refill" or an "Update" without my consent!

This is annoying because I am very strict about limiting my internet traffic!

I want to understand all these open tabs when they have been previously loaded, do they only "recharge" when you expand and open the tap correctly?

I closed some of the existing faucets without reopening the miniature. Is it safe to say that there was a reload or new traffic has been generated?

I await your answers.

Thank you!

Also, when these pulsations were left in a miniature state, do they continue to recharge in the back without you knowing it?