Interaction design – Terms of service are found, how do we fix it?

Write your simplest ToS. It may not be the full terms in legal terms, just a sufficient summary so that they have an idea of ​​what they are accepting.

It is one thing to try to read 5 pages of full legal language, which describes the terms in an unambiguous sense. Another thing is to read a list of some cartoons: if you get hurt with our software, we are not responsible, can not copy it to a dozen friends, we have the right to close the servers at any time, and if you want to make money with our software , you really need to go buy this additional license.

No matter how much work you try to put into it, if you provide a user with all the Terms of Service for them to read, they will not read it. What you can do is give a shorter list of more general and easy to understand terms. They may not be waterproof, so make sure that the full version is available and that it is clear that these are just a summary in simple terms of all the terms.

See terms of service; I did not read some good examples of how to present and summarize. You can not make a user read a lot of will be circumvent any protection); However, it can provide a more intuitive reading.