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Name: Intelligynce Platinum
Version: Last
OS: anything
Type: Shopify / Ebay / AMZ Spy Tools
Price: $ 197 (FE) + $ 297 (OTO1) = $ 494
Cost BH: $ 20 lifetime sign-up


Broken Intellygence Software – Shopify Platinum Nulled Plugin Free download

Intelligynce reveals the best-selling physical products by spying on more than 170,000 of the best Shopify stores …

Intelligynce crack is a powerful software tool that allows you to spy more than 170,000 Shopify stores and more than 800,000 products. You can filter the search results in several ways to find products that are in demand and that are actually sold. When you are ready to start selling a product, with a click of the mouse, you can find the product. on AliExpress so you can start earning money immediately. This tool will literally save you countless hours of research and will help you to completely avoid the trial and error. Below you will find quick information about the cracked Intelligynce product. Watch the video located at the top of this page to see a demonstration of Intelligynce as well as a demonstration of the Ali Inspector software and how to obtain dropship products from AliExpress.

Store search tool

Quickly search over 200,000 Shopify stores using many different and powerful filters with just a few clicks.

Product search tool

Quickly search over 650,000 products using different powerful filters with just a few clicks.



Powerful filters

You can quickly filter the massive list of more than 200,000 shopify shops per Facebook conversion pixel, the price point of the best selling item in each store, whether or not they have a Facebook page or a Twitter profile, the currency used or the search by keyword.

Below you will find quick information about the Intelligynce product.
Watch the video located at the top of this page to see a demonstration of
Intelligynce, as well as a demonstration of Ali Inspector software and
How to obtain dropship products from AliExpress.

Store information

Instantly see the link to the store's website, when the store owner last loaded a product, what theme they are using and their Shopify username.


Social accounts

Quickly view the shop's Facebook page and Twitter feed, then research its content to find new ideas for your own marketing.

Installed applications

Know exactly which Shopify applications are used in each store. This gives you a great advantage in knowing which applications are using the main Shopify stores. Then you can use those same applications in your stores to increase your sales and conversions.


Traffic analysis

Instantly see the daily traffic, the global classification, the country classification and the category classification for each Shopify.Plus store, obtain the traffic volume of each country, the traffic sources, the main reference websites, the Main target websites, organic and paid search keywords Social traffic volumes, ad networks in use, audience interests and similar sites! Use this powerful information to create super-specific Facebook advertising campaigns to get the perfect sales and opportunities for your own Shopify stores!

Embedded markers

Never forget the best stores and products by keeping them in your personal bookmarks.

You can save your favorite Shopify stores and your favorite products to view them quickly at any time.


MORE … Exclusive access to the Intelligynce Chrome extension
to analyze stores while you browse!


Activity view

See how many products a store has launched and when it launched them. When the store was updated and what theme they are using.

The best sellers

See the 5 best selling products and prices. Click on the products for a more detailed view.


See what Shopify applications the store has installed on your website and click on the applications to see them in the Shopify app store and decide if you should also use them.

Social activity

Take a look at the social networks a website uses and how they advertise your business and how you can apply it to your own website.


Find out where the website traffic comes from. Social, organic, etc. and click "see more traffic statistics" to get a breakdown so you can emulate your campaign for your own store.


Follow these simple instructions to start making sales.
with Shopify using the $ 5 per day ad system


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