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Instant Mining Limited has developed a global distribution network to help people around the world accumulate digital assets and participate in blockchain technology. By combining a crowd-funded mining fund with the power of an affiliate structure, we have the opportunity for members to take advantage of their profit potential unlike anything else in this space.
Instant mining offers a unique option for mining with a low entry cost, as well as minimal risk and expense, which is the opposite of traditional mining models that involve the acquisition, maintenance and configuration of highly specialized hardware.

Investment plans

Beginner's package
Avg. 0.62% daily profit
1 year contract
Without maintenance fee
0.002 BTC-1 BTC
Total benefit: 226.3%

Professional package
Avg. 0.86% daily profit.
1 year contract
Without maintenance fee
Total benefit: 313.9%

VIP package
Avg. 1.28% daily profit
1 year contract
Without maintenance fee
5 BTC-50 BTC
Total benefit: 467.2%

Accept: bitcoin

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