Installation of adjustable paving support

Adjustable self-leveling paving floor support pedestal with multifunctional self-leveling head MB-T0-E (90-180mm / 180-280mm)
The MB-T0-E adjustable self-leveling floor stand is adjustable in height from 90 mm to 180 mm. Self-leveling base slope corrector adjust substructure slope 0% -5%.
NameMoonbay adjustable self-leveling floor support pedestal MB-T0-E, 90-180 mm / 180-280 mm adjustable height
Material98% PP and 2% additives, such as anti-UV, etc.
Load capacity2,000 kgs / pedesta.
Size Diameter of the head 150 mm, extender diameter 125 mm, base diameter 200 mm
ColorBlack or customized color
Height range 90-180 mm or 180-280 mm height adjustable
Slope corrector Compensate slope 0% -5%
The application of wood and wood composite tiles and decks on terraces, balconies, garden terraces, podiums around swimming pools, temporary floors in tents and raised floors in the chemical industry, marine oil platform, metallurgical industries and many other applications.
1. Height range 90mm-180mm / 185-280mm
2. Separator tabs of the paver 2 / 3.5 / 5/8/10 mm thick
3. Rubber shoe of 1mm / 2mm thickness
4. High load 2000kgs / pedestal
5. UV-stable and chemical resistant
6. Do not damage the waterproof membranes.
7. Allow positive drainage and ventilation
8. Absorb the sound increase the insulation temperature
9. Compensate the slope of the land
10. Easy and quick installation Installation of adjustable paving support
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