Insomnia | Money Maker discussion

What I have found most useful to combat insomnia is incarnation, broadening our focus beyond the thoughts of what is happening throughout the body. Starting with the feet and going up the rest of the body, what sensations do you see: heat, cold, pain, tension, pleasure? Spend several moments with each part of the body. If thoughts arise, gently redirect them back to the sensation in the body. The brain stem, the part of the brain most responsible for activation or deactivation, responds to the language of sensation. Maybe get out of bed from time to time to cool off. Invest in a comfortable, soft and comfortable pillow and mattress (here are some useful comments – find the best one Change the strategy of how to fall asleep to how To cope without sleep Some of these strategies overlap Drink plenty of water, exercise, participate in a social interaction, walk a lot at work, etc. Finally you will fall asleep.It is impossible not to: succeed: Certain types of yoga: turns, forward curves and hip openers, especially when one focuses on the sensation, are also very useful.Finally, for some, snuggling or snuggling can generate oxytocin and put a right to sleep.