I am here asking for your urgent help please, support and guidance.

I moved to Knownhost in 2014 and I was with them right now. I was totally ignorant about the servers and web hosting services. I ran my vBulletin from 2006. The previous host ran it in a utf8mb4 since the data is UTF-8 (Arabic and ancient Eastern languages). I moved to Knownhost and put the sites all in Latin1 by default. At that time, there was no problem. But after updating my vBulletin site and updating to a newer server with them, the coding problem appeared! It appeared at the beginning of 2018 and, from that moment, began the journey of suffering and I discovered the old data of the coding database and the well-known host. They really tried a lot to help but without hope!

This is fine, I can imagine that this is a global problem after changing from Latin1 to UTF-8 as default! and I would not blame them anymore.

The real problem, when the vBulletin team advised all customers to upgrade to InnoDB engines. I changed the MyISAM engines and converted them all to InnoDB, it was a successful conversion, the tables were reviewed and repaired, if any, the service was restarted and everything went well in two test sites. I tried it with the online, but a problem occurred.

I have restored the cpanel backup !!! IT DOES NOT WORK
I have restored the complete cpanel tared backup !!! IT DOES NOT WORK!!
I have asked for your help to restore from SNAPSHOT !! IT DOES NOT WORK.

The support of the team was nervous and said that it is the last time I support this ticket, blaming me for the backups of cpanel, dump and snapshots !!!!. After almost 16 hours, the site was restored and they said it was an InnoDB recovery problem and, fortunately, they solved it.

After two days, I made a backup of my site and wanted to prove that it is really working now, after the last recovery in NoDB, and to guarantee that it was not my error, and as they admit that they repaired it and have made a Clean backup, so I just asked them to restore it and try it! The problem was repeated again !!, a newer snapshot was removed, the site does not work, the same problem!

One of the supervisors there said that I will never again support this site after this ticket !!

Well, why sir? Why is there a problem in your snapshot? Or because my data will need its magic touch of recovery in noDb every time a restoration is needed? Or because I dared to change to Innodb? !!!

Now, my site is completely lost, all snapshots do not work. Knownhost is withdrawing his hands and the computer support says: "Our snapshots are snapshots of the entire file system, they are designed for disaster recovery, but due to their nature they have problems with the InnoDB table spaces."


Well, did the "DISASTER-FREE snapshot" result in the complete loss of my data?


I loved the known host support, I used to tell everyone how amazing they are, as newbies in server problems, I can admit that having a server managed with them will be a very good idea to start, they are very quick in response, happy to help with several commands on which I would ask, good backup and snapshots, I really felt safe with them as long as there is no real problem.

But once you have a real problem with the server, the delays in the rapid response, the form of communication support become nervous and very aggressive. Everything changes !

Honeymoon time is only when you ask them to do some commands and consult.

The last promise that they will revert the snapshot and that the site works in the moment before requesting the restoration. I agreed. They will do the work in the afternoon!

Now I feel insecure

Please, I am very nervous, feeling insecure, I am totally blind, I need your help and advice.

Thank you