Information design: What are the common techniques for dealing with too much data that is still needed?

I am working in a company where the operations team uses a panel to manage / monitor the logistics operations. In order not to make this problem specific to operations or logistics, I want to ask it in generic terms: This is the appearance of the control panel at a high level (intentional blur for confidentiality):
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The problem is that now the page is becoming very slow in the browser. I did an analysis and I realized that in the weak laptops that our staff has, the page load is too much (it works well in my very expensive Macbook Pro 2018, but that is not scalable).

Every time I ask someone if need All the information on that page, answer yes! until the last bit of that.

My question is: can someone tell me the literature / terminology / case studies, etc. on how to deal with this situation? Please note that I am not a UX professional, but I have worked in areas that overlap with UX for most of my life.