Seller Notes
Seller Notes

INCREDIBLE OFFER: PRE-DONE BLOG DISTRIBUTOR BUSINESS – HIGHLY LUCRATIVE BUSINESSES – STATE OF ART DOMAIN. It is an excellent commercial website for resellers, fully automatic and easy to handle that requires very little time to operate and totally novice friendly. The site is reputed to be one of the best markets to list and buy varieties of websites and stores. This amazing website presents:

This website consists of:

1. More than 20 prefabricated niche blog websites Price US $ 15.95 each (100% profit)

2. 20 Amazon e-commerce niche websites Price US $ 19.99 each (100% profit)

3. Price of the prefabricated Dropshipping e-commerce website 60 US $ 39.95 (100% profit)

3. Configuration of 100 website files with database in your Hosting.

We add 12 sites plus a total of 112 over the course of 1 month and the one you want to customize.

Be it dropshipping stores, Amazon affiliates or blogs or even travel sites.

This is a & # 39;do not miss the offer& # 39; especially for website users and multiple store owners who could not support the high commissions and listing fees on major auction sites such as BrandBucket, Flippa, etc.

Think about how much you have spent on commissions and listing fees in your previous listings. Why not buy BlogStoreSpot.comand promote the sale of their portfolios and, at the same time, have a highly lucrative website reseller site? Buying this offer will save you a great expense in your listings, so you can easily sell it without any charge. Moreover, you can earn commission income on each site sold. Therefore, this offer is one that guarantees profits, a high return on investment and provides you with large residual income.


Many businesses are now online and are looking for websites already designed and established to use in their businesses. Today, everyone is looking for a good, well-designed website that resonates with their business concept and also provides credibility, respectability and makes their business look professional.

Therefore, the prefabricated blogging industry is one of the fastest growing service industries. There are more than 5 million new companies that start every year around the world. Many business owners, bloggers and Internet marketers simply do not have the time or experience to do it themselves and are willing to pay the best price for prefabricated blogs.

This industry has been booming for quite some time and there are huge amounts of money to win. The best part of this is that you don't even have to perform the services yourself!

You do not need to be an expert to manage this business. All work is completely automatic, you just have to concentrate on getting traffic to the website, what you can do following my marketing strategies. It offers a platform of blog resellers where people can sell excellent websites and commission stores, allowing them to access the industry.

So where is the opportunity?

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for holders of large portfolios to own and take advantage of the use of a site already established and reputed in the business. In addition, an entrepreneur who wants to venture into the website change business should not get lost. This site enjoys good organic traffic, as it has been optimized in search engines. Basically, everything you need to start earning sales and start earning real money has been done! That gives you an urgent reason to grab it now. Buy it now!

—– SEO Optimization —–

This site is carefully optimized for SEO for the best search engine rankings with keyword rich content. The entire site is targeted at low competition and long tail keywords selected by hand.

We have already done all the hard work to identify the best keywords and optimize this site around those particular keywords. This site is aimed not only at one, but at several relevant keywords that receive massive Google traffic. You can check on

Therefore, visitors will be interested and repeated through the search engine.


We use a free marketing technique to attract specific customers to the website. I have experimented a lot with this method and I find it profitable that advertising pays. These are the people who have already expressed interest in buying their services. I spent 6-8 hours per week to get sales. The complete marketing strategy will be shared with the winner.


The website is not only optimized for SEO, it is also optimized for visitors. It loads faster and responds on different devices; whether mobile, tablets or desktop. The responsiveness and loading time of a site determine if a visitor will return to the site. We have taken this into account when designing this site, so that your buyers have an unobstructed experience while browsing the site on any device.


Cpanel Linux Hosting Access for website files and database transfer


The site supports PayPal, Stripe (credit card) and other payment options. Therefore, you can accept payment from your customers using any payment gateway convenient for them.

—– BUSINESS MODEL AND MONETIZATION —– and was custom built to attract visitors and increase clicks and sales to help you maximize your profit leverage. This website is basically monetized through the resale of the website. You will earn commissions every time the website is sold. This amazing site can earn a lot of money from day one and you can expand your monetization through other different ways, with Adsense and other affiliate programs.

How this prefabricated blog reseller business works:

  1. The customer buys a prefabricated blog or makes an order
  2. You will receive a new order notification directly in your email.
  3. Payment is received instantly in your Paypal account.
  4. Then, the client automatically obtains links to download the file and database from the prefabricated blog website with an installation guide.
  5. You will send an email to your client to inform them that their order is complete!


We only create well-selected niche blogs based on current market trends.

  • Fully responsive and support for mobile viewing
  • Multiple theme design (2 columns / 3 columns)
  • More than 200+ high quality content loaded.
  • Box style and full width
  • Social network user profiles
  • High quality items already loaded
  • Professional design, clean and elegant.
  • Powerful and easy to use theme option
  • Unlimited color scheme
  • Ultra Flexible Banner Ads
  • Contact us, Privacy Policy, Advertise with us and TOS Pages
  • SEO friendly website
  • More than 500 Google web sources
  • Monetized with Adsense, Clickbank and Amazon
  • Maintenance free

Full features of "Amazon WooCommerce websites"

We only create well-selected niche blogs based on current market trends.

  • WordPress with WooCommerce
  • Install the Amazon Woocommerce plugin
  • Fully responsive and support for mobile viewing
  • Multiple theme design (2 columns / 3 columns)
  • Box style and full width
  • Social network user profiles
  • More than 100 best-selling Amazon products
  • Professional design, clean and elegant.
  • Powerful and easy to use theme option
  • Unlimited color scheme
  • Ultra Flexible Banner Ads
  • Contact us, Privacy Policy, Advertise with us and TOS Pages
  • SEO friendly website
  • More than 500 Google web sources
  • Monetized with Adsense, Clickbank and Amazon
  • Maintenance free


The buyer will get the following:


  • Premium, Brandable and Memorable domain name (we will send this domain at no cost to your account).
  • Configuration of 107 website files with database in your Hosting.
  • Transfer of FREE websites to your accommodation
  • WordPress website professionally designed with a clean and elegant look.
  • Compatible with mobile devices.
  • FREE after-sales support

So Grab it now Before someone else snatches it!

1. Great domain name in a lucrative niche that is easy to remember.

Extremely branded domain name. The domain will be given at no cost!

2. Very cheap transfer and setup fee ($ 50 value)

I will set up this website for a mere $ 50!

3. After sales service

It will not remain hung once the sale ends. I will be there every step of the way to help make the transition as smooth as possible and ensure your website is up and running. Your satisfaction is of central importance to me.
As an additional bonus, BIN buyers enjoy full "after sale" support for a period of 7 days!


I am currently working on other projects that would not give me more time to run the site. I love this business, since it is very lucrative and I want to pass it on to someone who has a future with him. I sell it only for this reason!

Therefore, the site is here for you, built carefully and to achieve maximum revenue and results. This is one of the best sites you can get now ready to produce instant cash. Use the BIN button now!



BONUS # 1: Big Data Facebook Pixel

BONUS # 2: Free support 30 days after sale.

**** You will receive all these amazing bonuses using the BUY NOW button, NO RISKS! ****

If you try to build a similar site for yourself, you can spend at least thousands of dollars on SEO, designs, etc., before you can earn your first dollar. So why don't you let your success come fast and fast with this site already established in the web store listing business? With a powerful website like this, based on a very large market, everything becomes much easier.

Buy it now and take this lucrative website to start earning money online NOW! Don't miss this great opportunity in this perennial opportunity or you'll kick yourself later!