Whether you offer food service, pick-up or delivery to your guests, online ordering solutions enabled by a web application for mobile devices, a mobile application and printers increase your sales, improve the productivity of your servers and improve the satisfaction of the guests.

The slow process of picking up phone calls, handwriting an order, taking it to the kitchen and reprogramming it later for billing is obsolete when you equip your company with a Goopter mobile order system.

Now, for customers who decide to dine, they can easily place an order on their mobile device, orders can be sent to the kitchen or to the bar from the table, the receipt can be generated directly from the order and payments can be processed instantly or later of the food.

Pick up or deliver: simply open the website and place the order directly from your computer or mobile phone. There is no need to call in your order; Orders can be printed at the stores and your food will be prepared to pick up or deliver directly to your home.

The benefits:

Sales increase

Turn tables around more quickly by reducing the waiting time of guests and serving more guests at the same time. Give your servers the sale with immediate access to information and photos of accessories.

Improve guest satisfaction

The self-order and payment eliminate the need for your servers to run between the independent POS and its tables, so they can be more attentive to the guests, creating a more attractive environment and happier customers.

Reduce errors

Process more orders, more accurately and in less time. When your servers do not need to re-enter orders at an independent point of sale, errors in the kitchen are drastically reduced.

The Goopter e-commerce package includes, among others, the following features:

  • A professional bilingual e-commerce website with your own domain name, eg;
  • The most economical and affordable e-commerce solution, starting at $ 350 / year;
  • Does not require coding or design, all you need is to provide us with your menu and images, we will have your online order website ready in 48 hours;
  • Friendly design for mobile devices that works for smartphones and tablets;
  • Scan and Sort – allows customers to place orders through their mobile phones by scanning the QR code provided;
  • It supports multiple payment methods: credit card, cash, Wechat Pay and Alipay;
  • Customers can place orders in advance or immediately to pick them up, deliver them and have dinner;
  • Reordering is easy and can be done in a few clicks;
  • Multiple menus and unlimited items with support for coupons, discounts, gift cards and specials
  • The loyalty program allows customers to receive reward points from each sale.
  • Receive orders by email, or from the printer;
  • Multilingual support on the website and in receipt printing;
  • Automatically calculates the delivery according to the predefined mileage rate setting (for local orders);
  • Available 24/7, 99.9 +% uptime;
  • Fixed annual fee, no commission per order;
  • Free update, free technical support;
  • Free iOS and Android mobile application for consumers, which allows easy access to locate stores and place orders;
  • Goopter's free web administration portal and the Goopter Biz application for iOS and Android, allow store owners to manage their stores online using desktop or mobile devices;
  • The Goopter Biz free desktop application allows companies to manage orders and print receipts on their existing POS printers;

Some sample websites for your reference:

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