Import and extract certain column and row

I have a problem with importing and extracting 2nd column in my CSV file. I need to have 3 list, the first one first column except for first row, the second will be second column except for 1st row and the last one will be 3rd column without first row.
I have succesfully imported and extracted the first column using:

Centre = Import["C:\Users\vocko01\Desktop\TS.csv", "Table", 
   "FieldSeparators" -> ";"][[2 ;;, 1]]

The third one works too:

Suburb = Import["C:\Users\vocko01\Desktop\TS.csv", "Table", 
   "FieldSeparators" -> ";"][[2 ;;, -1]]

But when I want to import and extract 2nd column, it doesn´t work the same way:

City = Import["C:\Users\vocko01\Desktop\TS.csv", "Table", 
   "FieldSeparators" -> ";"][[2 ;;, 2]]

Can you please help me with this issue or is it a better way to write it?

Thank you

Here is the link for CSV file: