Image processing: you need help in a computer assignment (Python)

I am working on a task that forces me to import a set of images and then convert them into thumbnails that are a quarter of the original size. The next step is to merge the rgb pixels of each image into a complete image that eliminates tourists.
The assignment is required to use the module.

Here is a link to the actual assignment for more information and details: Assignment

Next, here is the code that I already have. I'm stuck writing the drawThumbnail function and I'm not entirely sure how to approach part 3, which is to take the values ​​r, g, b and eliminate the tourists.

I hope someone can help me! 🙂

# Start code for CPSC 217 Assignment 3 (autumn 2018)
of the SimpleGraphics import *

# Part 1
def loadImages ():
abr = input ("Enter the abbreviation of a specific set of images:")
image_num = int (entry ("Enter the number of images in the image set:"))
yes image_num < 3 and image_num > sixteen:
Print ("That set of images does not exist")
images = []
   while image_num! = 0: the variable #need defined to store image files in
z = loadImage (abr + "_" + str (image_num) + ".png")
images.append (z)
image_num = image_num - 1

h = getHeight (z)
w = getWidth (z)
resize (w * 2, h)
return images

# Part 2:
def createThumbnails (images):
thumbnail = createImage (getWidth (images) // 4, getHeight (images) // 4)
for the row in the range (0, getWidth (images), 4):
for col in rank (0, getHeight (images), 4):
r, g, b = getPixel (image, x, y)
for row_2 in range (0, getWidth (miniature)):
for col_2 in the range (0, getHeight (miniature)):
putPixel (miniature, row_2, col_2, r, g, b)
back thumbnail

def drawThumbnails (images):

# Part 3:
def removeTourists (images):
Pass # Delete pass once you have written the body of this function

# The main program loads the images, draws the thumbnails and then generates
# the free image of tourists
def main ():
images = loadImages ()
drawThumbnails (images)
remove Tourists (images)