I'm interested in a low cost but powerful dedicated server solution

Hello, I would like to change to a server configuration that is more affordable.

I am currently with OVH paying much more than my colleagues. Here is my current server configuration:

Enterprise MG-128 – 128G 2xE5- 2630v3 Server
Option HardRaid + 4x800GB SSD FastPath
Enterprise MG-128 – 128G 2xE5- 2650v2 Server
Option Hybrid SoftRaid 2x2TB + 2x240GB SSD
Enterprise Server SP-64 – 64G E5- 1620v2
Option Hybrid SoftRaid 2x2TB + 2x240GB SSD
CPanel license – version 11

We use an average of 3 TB of bandwidth per month.

Around 275 GB of disk usage.

I'm not sure where to find the statistics in the CPU. I found something that said 3.8% for yesterday, I'm not sure if that's right.

I cited the following from Future Hosting:

$ 200
16×2.10GHz + HT
$ 200 / month
BW 30 TB
Storage 4x 1TB

However, they told me the following about that from someone familiar with my website: "Your CPUs in that [Future Hosting server] They have low power and need solid state drives. This is a combination of solid state and spindle storage to keep costs low, but performance is maximized especially during periods of increase:

Intel Dual Xeon 2640v4 (20×2.4 GHz)
64 GB of RAM
2×1 TB SSD (RAID1) (for operating systems, mysql and performance sites)
SATA 2×2 TB (RAID1) for mass storage and sites that do not have to be as fast (for example, radiography)
SATA 4 TB (backup copies)
Centos 7
cPanel "

They quoted me around $ 500 for that.

I'm trying to save as much money as possible, but I also want a dedicated server that can handle the peaks of traffic. I have a news website, so when something breaks, people tend to run to the site at once. I do not want the site to be blocked during these times.

I have also been told that I may possibly sign up for a solution in the cloud?

I would love the opinions / advice of anyone.

Thank you.