Illustrator or Corel Draw?

I see topics like this that say that Illustrator is the best software all the time, but until now I have never seen an adequate reason for it. I've seen some people say "Corel can not do X", but it always seems to be an ignorance of Corel or of people who know how it was 10 versions ago. I've used CorelDraw day after day for 10 years and I challenge anyone to give me an example of something I can do better and faster in Illustrator than what I can do in CorelDraw. Illustrator has the habit of adding 5 steps to each task he performs. Every once in a while I get an Illustrator file that a client gives me and I almost always get so frustrated with Illy that I end up importing it into CorelDraw (which, by the way, you can easily do it. Try to import Corel to Illy and see how far you get).

Some of my main complaints with Illy are:

-Font substitution: open a file for which you do not have the source (or the font has a very different name) and Illy simply replaces the default font. Corel asks what source he would like to use for each missing source.
-Selection of objects: the inability of Illy to select only objects completely contained by the frame. This is invaluable when you have several objects in a background image. By default, Corel only selects the contained objects, but if you hold down the Alt key, select everything that touches the tent, like Illy.
-Multiple page: yes, it's in Illy now, but it works terribly compared to Corel, who has always had it.
-Imposition of printing: placing more than one copy (for example, business cards) on a page when printing on Illy is very manual and time-consuming. In Corel it is a click.
– Align objects: when using alignment tools, Corel always aligns with the last object you click when you select Shift. This saves a lot of time by having to change the order of the objects before aligning them.
– Add sources: if I install a font while using Corel, it appears immediately. In Illy I have to leave the program and reload to see the new source.
-Edition of forms: I think it is almost universally accepted that the tools for editing forms in Corel are much higher (the only thing that the forums seem to agree on).

I could go on, the list is almost endless. I really can not understand why people pay 3 times more for software that simply does not do so much! I apologize if I am wrong in any of these points, but this is my experience. Please give me some examples of what Illy can do better than Corel. And, please, do not say color management, because the latest version of Corel has greatly improved this and is now on par with Illy.

By the way, I accept that Photoshop is better than Photopaint!