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The main priority of the iInvest company is real estate investment. It is as risk free as the bank deposit. Investment in real estate has an undeniable advantage (especially if you do not try to buy a property under superheated market conditions, as it did before the crisis, when prices peaked and then disappeared). Today, for most cities, the income from deposits is consistent with the rent income of the apartments, which corresponds to the value of the deposit size. Keep in mind that the bank deposit, for the period in which you get an income from deposits, will lose its value due to inflation. The purchase of real estate will help you to obtain an income, as well as to save the money invested. The reason is that, under normal conditions, the cost of the property adjusts to inflation.

Invest plans:
300% after 20 minutes, 650% after 30 minutes, 700% after 40 minutes and more

Reverse the amount:
– Minimum $ 7
– Maximal $ 10,000

Payment accepted:
– Perfect money
– Payeer
– Bitcoin
– Ethereum

Reference Commission: 5%, 2%, 1%


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