If I send bitcoin or some other cryptographic from my wallet to Binance and I do not see a deposit, what could go wrong?

If you do not see your deposit right after you complete the transaction, you should wait a bit, it should not take long for your transactions to enter the block chain of X cryptocurrency.

Transactions can take minutes and even hours to go through the verification process, which is basically a process for the network to make sure that your transaction is legitimate in all possible ways, after that process, your transaction is added to a block and, therefore, to the block chain. for good

However, there are some cases in which a transaction does not appear:

  1. You put the wrong address
    1. number 1

Make sure you put the correct information before making a transaction, if it does not appear just give it a little time and you'll be fine, but keep in mind that if you put an incorrect address or any other parameter required to make a transaction YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REVERSE / SOLVE PROBLEMS this event Y Thus, you will lose your money.

pd: Cryptographic exchanges such as Binance or coinbase, all have a certain verification number to show their transaction. I do not know how many uses of binance, but I believe that after 4 checks (BTC) your transaction will appear in your walletHowever, such parameters are different between cryptocurrencies, ripple only takes 1 check and you will be ready to spend your money.