icloud: the photos of the iPhone X (unlike my old iPhone 6s +) are not synchronized with Win7

I use iCloud software for Windows 7 (with the latest update).

GOOD: All my previous photos of the iPhone 6s + are downloaded in the iCloud PC application.

PROBLEM: The new photos of iPhoneX (iOS 12.0.1) are not synchronized (some thousands of them). If I try to download the photos again from 2018, I just download 6s + photos again and then it stops.

one. EVERYONE My photos are visible in iCloud on the web.

  1. In the Windows iCloud application:

    • My Photo Stream is not selected
    • iCloud Photo Libarary, Download new photos and Keep original high efficiency are selected.
  2. On the iPhone X:
    Click on iCloud Photos, select Optimize iPhone storage, you can not download and save the originals and you can not upload to my Photo Stream. Shared albums is activated (although I do not use it).

Please help. Thank you.