I need some suggestions on the next steps to learn (Schedule and design) and practice

I got to know the basic web development tools in 2014. But I started learning web programming languages ​​in May 2017. So far, I have learned html5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery, Ajax and BootStrap 4. Now I have to jump into languages of server-side programming and my goal is PHP. But most people, when they're on Google, say that PHP is not a good option today.

Note: I want to create a web application (website) for RealEstate ads. There are already many classified websites, but I have some different ideas. There will be a lot of use of the database to store property data. And I also want to associate with this business in the future.

Although this question has many answers on the web, but I think I can get more unique answers here. So, please, suggest me what I should learn next.

And second, I want to use some features of Adobe PhotoShop to sell my skills on the Internet (for example, in fiverr). For example, I will offer "I will change the background of your photo". This is the simplest and most common example. What are the other ways I can use to earn some money to meet my needs until I am a complete Programmer?

And third, I feel that I am not recovering material that I am learning properly in my mind. When I look back in search of some codes that I have learned, at some point, I feel that I have not studied it. So, what are the best ways to make good practices?
Now I will soon create my first website. And I want to do turoriales for what I've learned. The purpose of creating tutorials is just that I want to improve my own knowledge, since "teaching is a way that increases your knowledge".