I have experience but I can not sell anything!


I created a clothing brand a week ago and I'm struggling to sell. I mean, really, I really had 0 sales.

To give you some history, I'm not new to electronic commerce. I have already launched 4 stores in the past, some worked, others did not, but all generated sales, and the most popular generated more than 100 sales.

For this website, I have no idea what is wrong. I have tried different types of ads and generated almost 2,000 visits on my website, but 0 sales! Something should be wrong, since I had never had such a low conversion rate before. Can you please look at my website and tell me if you see what is wrong? This is not self-promotion, I really need help.

Link to my website: https://analogystore.com/

Extra information:

  • I am using the print-on-demand service "Printful" together with Shopify
  • I made the designs myself
  • I often go to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia
  • My campaigns often include a photo of a model with my brand.

Different Facebook / Instagram campaigns that I ran:

  • Destined Beyonce fans for the "Bee-Yoncé" shirt. I even tried to target the most hardcore fans by pointing to the perfume she created.
  • The same for Bruno Mars shirt.
  • Aimed at all kinds of Streetwear fans for sweatshirts. Sometimes with the keyword "Streetwear", sometimes with other streetwear brands that sell similar products to mine
  • Tried Retargetting

I really do not know what to do, I spent more than € 150 on advertising and nothing seems to work. I get the clicks, but not the conversion. So I was thinking that something could be wrong with my website.

Thanks for helping.