I entered my teenage daughter kissing her best friend who is also a girl! That I have to do?

I realize that the idea of ​​having a gay daughter may surprise you. You may feel embarrassed or worried about her future, but if she is really gay, then you will have to face him one day, and maybe now it is like that. You must realize that at her age, she may simply be curious, or her friend might be gay, and it took her by surprise, but whatever the reason, you will have to accept her for what she is. She would go ahead and tell him that he surprised her by kissing her and her friend, and asking if she was willing to talk about it. If not, tell him that you are open to whatever he has to say and that you will be there when he is ready to discuss it. Try not to get angry, or tell him it's wrong. She knows how the world feels and can not change how she feels. Do your best to accept what I say, with love and compassion. She is young and needs her mother to love her.