I deleted and the MySQL WP database. I have a backup file that I can recover in some way.


Delete by mistake the MySQL database of one of my blogs instead of changing its name. There were several messages on it. I make a monthly backup of everything that has been loaded, my question is if I can recover this database in some way so as not to write these publications in a new one.

The blog is WP.

Thank you

Hello By accident, I deleted the MySQL database from one of my blogs instead of changing its name. I had few messages in it. I make regular monthly backups of everything with cron jobs from my cPanel server.
The backup comes in an archived .tar.gz file where I have all my blogs and website data.

My question is that there is a way to recover some blog database (I do not do a full restore), so I do not have to rewrite those posts again.

The blog is on the WP platform.

Thank you