I cannot enter a new email to log in to Google again

I quite recently changed both my mail adress any my password for my google account. When I now try to use my phone (any Google services) I get a screen: Verify that it’s you (You were signed out of your Google Account. Sign in again to continue.)
When I hit next a new screen comes up: Sign in with your Google Account
Then there is a text field that says Email or phone. However in this very text field my old email that used to be associated to my account is written there. When I tap that field nothing happens. I cannot edit / clear that field I can only use my old email. When I hit “forgot email?” it leads to account recovery. If i hit next it says “Couldn’t find your Google Account” (fair enough I changed my email…)
What can I do, I tried restarting my phone, resetting Google Play and Google Play services in the app settings.
I do not have any issues loging in with my computer, only smartphone wise that weird phenomenon occurs. Thanks in advance for any help!