http – Search repos with GitHub API using date query

If I make the following GET request to the GitHub API, I get about 58 entries:

However, the following with any date parameters return 0 entries:

Created since date: ( created:>=2010-09-01 )>=2010-09-01%22

Date range: ( created:2012-08-13..2020-08-14 )

In the GitHub docs, under the section Constructing a search query, the syntax is outlined as such:


Thei GitHub docs at Search by when a repository was created or last updated outlines date formats like the two above, and Query for values between a range outlines valid combinations of them. I suspect these examples are not meant for this use, as the examples use URLs intended for browsers, such as, instead of, which is confusing too.

I’m trying to apply the patterns shown in the following resources in order to get a range of dates filter:

Any pointers greatly appreciated.