html – Why is my google advanced search presenting this error?

i’m currently developing the project 0 (search) for the cs50x Web Programming with Python and Javascript and in the Advanced Search, when i submit the input given, que google query goes like this: tri-colour rat terrier miniature OR OR OR standard “rat terrier” –rodent (the OR appear 3 times and the “-” twice). I currently have no idea what may be causing it, did someone algo have this problem?

Here’s the html code i’m using:


Google Search

    <h1> Advanced Search</h1>
    <div id ="line"></div>

    <form action="">
        <div class="grid">

            <p id="findPages">Find pages with...</p>
            <p id="searchTip">To do this in the search box.</p>

            <label for="as_q">all these words:</label>
            <input class="advancedSearchInput" type="text" name="as_q" id="as_q">
            <p class="searchLabel">Type the important words: <span class="exemple">tri-colour rat terrier</span></p>

            <label for="as_epq">this exact word of phrase:</label>
            <input class="advancedSearchInput" type="text" name="as_epq" id="as_epq">
            <p class="searchLabel">Put exact words in quotes: <span class="exemple">"rat terrier"</span></p>

            <label for="as_oq">any of these words:</label>
            <input  class="advancedSearchInput" type="text" name="as_oq" id="as_oq">
            <p class="searchLabel">Type <span class="exemple">OR</span> between all the words you want: <span class="exemple">miniature OR standard</span></p>

            <label for="as_eq">none of these words:</label>
            <input class="advancedSearchInput" type="text" name="as_eq" id="as_eq">
            <p class="searchLabel">Put a minus sign just before words that you don't want: <span class="exemple">-rodent, -"Jack Russell"</span></p>

            <button class="advancedSearchButton" type="submit" value="Advanced Search">Advanced Search</button>