html – Red element on screen prevent submit – Javascript / Jquery

Just a little observation before my doubt: I am with a difficulty here in the Stackoverflow concerning being clear enough so that you can help me … I accept ways to exemplify, write, ask so that my contact with you improves.

Well, I have one. view With 3 divs and 20 input number in each line of my div and one input submit. Each line comes from my bank.

(For this example I will use only 3 input number).

Those of mine divs they are as if they were 3 categories of anything, that is, I am going to exemplify here in SCHOOL NOTES and the CATEGORIES will be the STUDENTS.

Average of notes



During the filling of my page, I perform a validation in which the sum of a line does not exceed 8, if it exceeds the text of all input number of that line happens to be red and the present it is disabled

It is validation I perform, OBLIGATORY, in the onblur of CADA input number.
However, as I continue to fill in and validate (from others input number) are made correct (that is, below 8), my present but I do not know what to do,

How do I do it so that, if there is at least one input number with the text in red, my present is still DISABLED?

I have tried to be as clear and detailed as possible.