How to update Atom from webupd8team / atom to the official address

Until very recently you could not apt install atom unless you use an unofficial source webupd8team / atom. Now Atom officially supports proper installation by But the update of 1.26.1-1 ~ webupd8 ~ 0 to 1.33.0 using the official source resulted in an atom that can not open any windows in my machine. eg No Ctrl + Coma, there is no Welcome Guide, no About Atom.

After I reinstalled the webupd8team version everything went back to normal. I wonder if I will install the official again after uninstalling the webupd8team equipment, would it work? What if that erases all my installed packages and all my personal settings?

Not only do I want to upgrade to a usable official version, I also want to keep all packages and personal settings intact and inherited.

How should I be able to do that?