how to sync ceph bucket with scaleway s3 bucket or any s3 bucket for?

i,m trying to sync a ceph cluster to a scaleway s3 bucket
i have the secret, access token and https endpoint for my s3 bucket
ceph version: mimic
i followed the cloud sync module guide at the following link below:
what am i trying to achieve?
sync one of my ceph buckets to the s3 bucket

here is what i know so far:

  • the sync modules are based on multi-site which my cluster does already (i have 2 zones my zone group)
  • i should add another zone of type cloud with my s3 bucket endpoints
  • i should configure which bucket i want to sync with credentials necessary for it.

however there are a couple of things i,m unclear about and i tried to find them in the ceph documents but couldn’t :

  • the non trivial configuration represents a config file? if so where should i add it?
  • the non trivial configuration has a default section, connections, acl_profiles and a profiles section. some of these information i don’t know how to fill or even obtain, which are:
    1: the acls sub section in the default section
    2: the host_style parameter
    3: acl_profiles and profiles sections

if one could provide a more descriptive explanation than the docs of what these are i would be thankful
also if you have any references on where i could read up on these as well,
please comment so i can put in the time myself
my main problem is that i can’t find any information on these to begin with and the documents are not very descriptive or have any useful examples