How to start as an editor with zero experience?

I used to play online poker to make a living and I met some affiliates. After online poker was closed in the US UU., I started creating training videos and content for some casino affiliates. I had never written or done something like that before. I discovered that I enjoyed it and started looking for other jobs.

My girlfriend at that time was taking out accounting jobs outside of oDesk and pointed me there. I started writing for incredibly low money just to establish myself. I got up to $ .01 a word after about a month and started getting more and more jobs by word of mouth.

Keep in mind that I was new to writing and I thought that getting $ 5 for a 500-word article that did not take long to complete was incredible. I soon discovered that it was very poorly paid and I had my first offer of a "real" concert with one year of payment in my company. I was receiving $ 25 for a 500-word article. Once I tried the decent money for an item, I looked for more.

I have been lucky not to have had to look for work so often. Most came from mouth to mouth. I do not have a website since I usually have more work than I can handle.

If I had to do it all over again, knowing what I know now. I would definitely create a site, more to show my resume and possibly get more work that I could outsource to other poker players and writers. Nor would he have worked for such a low amount since the beginning.
But we all have to start somewhere.

Perhaps the most important thing I learned was that the owner of a site needs me as much as I do. Sometimes, I was a little desperate for work, fearing I was always charging too much. My first experiences in writing were offline, where people write for almost nothing at times. Trying to compete with someone who will work for $ 1 per item is basically impossible.

But, instead of allowing my work to speak for itself and waiting for the right client who understood that you get what you paid for, I would reduce my fees just to get a job. Basically I was begging someone to hire me for little money.

I have changed the way I look for work because of this. I do it so that the client feels that he needs me and that my rates, although still quite low, are worth the price. I interview them when I look for work. I let them know that I want to make sure we fit well with each other. This makes them feel that I can not take on their job. And once they see a sample, they know that I am good enough to do what they need.

I take my approach based on the old Playboy clubs of the 60s. They were an exclusive club that chose and chose who could enter. This gave a charm to the men who had to enter. They had people lining up to pay absurd amounts of money just to go to a bar. Not because it was incredible, but because it was exclusive. Being accepted meant much more to them than real experience.

When you sell yourself as "exclusive" and hard to get, most customers want you more regardless of the price.