How to start a security camera business with an investment of $ 0

With crime on the rise, it almost requires having some kind of security in the home these days. The business of installing security cameras is extremely lucrative, most of the time it is in high demand and requires very little skill and capital to participate. This is an excellent first business to start, as it can teach you important principles such as customer management, marketing tactics and programming.

SWOT Analysis
Strengths: Strong market, easy to make, large profit margin, no initial cost.
Weaknesses: Marketing a new business, is time consuming.
Oppertunities: Ability to grow quickly, create secondary services.
Threats: Established companies, bifurcated employees.

Supplies needed

  • Camera set
  • Screwdrivers
  • stairs
  • Car / Transportation

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Choose your cameras
A basic system consists of 3 main elements, the cameras, the recording device and the screen. I highly recommend buying your cameras, either Costco or AliExpress, as it will be drastically cheaper.

Camera systems usually come in sets of 4 or 8 cameras. You can offer two types of packages that will allow you to address both small and large houses, or you could only offer 8 cameras that would simplify the ordering process for the client. You will also notice that the cameras come with wired or wireless connection, while both have their advantages and disadvantages, if you do not have the technical experience with which I would stay with the cable.

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Installation of cameras
As I mentioned before, the cameras will come wireless or cable. For wireless cameras, you must ensure that you are within range of the access point or may have an irregular connection or can not connect. Cameras with cables are extremely easy to configure, since normally there is only one way to connect; Camera> cable> box. In my experience, most wired security systems come with software that does not require any configuration and should be good to get out of the box (apart from changing the time and date, of course).

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Profit margins
This will depend to a great extent on where you are and what you can get out of charging. First we choose which cameras we want to use, I chose THIS configuration, which costs around $ 450, and to simplify, let's say that a monitor costs $ 250. Next we have to establish a price. After comparing different prices online, I came to the conclusion that $ 1200 would be a good price for my area.

We are going to execute some numbers.

Total gain: $ 1200
Total Expenses: $ 650
Net profit: $ 550

I strongly recommend that you only buy the cameras once you have a scheduled and paid contract. By doing this, you are practically eliminating all the initial costs, since you will get 154% on your purchase. If you decide to buy the cameras before they pay you, it would be smart to charge some type of deposit or you could count your first purchase as a commercial purchase to increase your inventory. As a secondary service, it is also possible to configure a service that supervises and notifies the clients if there is any suspicious activity, all that is normally required is an Internet connection. This could be a great complement that can generate a constant cash flow.