How to show the triple action and triple status column through the Material icons?

I have this Boolean field that can be null too. Then I have three states: null, true, false.

Based on this, I have two actions: make reality, make false

Is there a good way to combine UI / UX into a comprehensible UI element?

Right now I have this design. If a field is null, it is shown as false. If the field is false, it is displayed as a material cancellation icon. If it is true, it is shown as a verification icon. On the fly, if it is false or null, click to approve It would show up, and in case it's true. click to disapprove it would show:

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These are the problems I have with this design:

  • The clickability of the elements is not apparent. Thousands of users with my system will not take long to realize, since I have consistency.
  • Null elements must be displayed differently and empty spaces can not be displayed, since empty ones can not be clicked.

How can I improve this?