How to reset the password on the eMachines laptop

eMachines, like a branded laptop, is attractive to many netbook users. We also call it Acer eMachines because of its history in development. We often receive letters from EMACHINE users of laptops at Acer reset the eMachines password for forgotten EMachine administrator password. How to delete the eMachines password or change the eMachine password if I forgot the Windows 7, XP, Vista password? Now, begin to discuss the ways of unlock the eMachine password.

1. Reset the eMachines administrator password with another administrator account

This means that we can still log in to our computer through accounts with administrative rights or privileges. Please, never forget the default administrator, you can help a lot!

Resetting eMachines XP password from Safe Mode
A. Turn on your eMachine Windows XP laptop and keep pressing F8.
B. Choose "Safe Mode" and press the "Enter" key in the Advanced Start Options windows.
C. On the login screen, choose the administrator account and keep the "Password" column blank (or enter the changed password if the password for the default administrator account has been changed before).
D. Start – Control panel – User accounts: select the necessary account to change the password – Change the password.
E. Enter a new password, confirm the password again and then complete Acer Removing the eMachine password in XP.

Recovery of the eMachines password in Windows 7
We can recover the forgotten password with the built-in administrator account:
A. Turn on the Acer eMachine computer and press the key: F8.
B. In Windows – Advanced boot options, select "Safe mode with command prompt" and press Enter to confirm. Then the PC starts Windows.
C. Choose the administrator account that is displayed on the account screen and then enter windows – Administrator: cmd.exe. Input command: the network user Lily abcd and Enter to confirm (Lily is the account required to break the password, abcd is the new password for the account).
D. Once the command is finished, we can restart the eMachine Win 7 laptop and log in with the account – Lily, password – abcd.

2. Break the eMachines password with only guest account

We know that the guest account can not perform more operations on a security PC. Therefore, we have to refer to another way of recovering the administrator account for future operations.

Skip the eMachines password with the recovery discs created before the lost eMachine password

When entering an incorrect password on the login screen, click "Reset Windows password" and insert the eMachine password reset disk. The Password Reset Wizard will take us to create a new password to delete the forgotten Windows 7 eMachines password.

Recover the eMachine Windows password using a password reset disk after you have forgotten it
It is considered as the most instantaneous and simple way to recover the lost eMachine password. An .iso file, a bootable CD / DVD / USB disk and an accessible PC will solve the problem in a matter of minutes without special techniques for a green hand on the PC.
We can get the .iso file from many Windows password recovery programs. Simply take one of the most popular tools: Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery as an example.
A. Download the appropriate Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery program and save your .iso file to a blank CD / DVD or USB flash drive on an accessible computer;
B. Start the recorded CD / DVD or USB flash drive from the password of the locked PC;
C. Reset the new eMachines password.

The Ainorsoft Windows password recovery tool concludes the Basic, Enhance and Corporation versions. The Basic is opted for Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2008, 2003, etc. CD / DVD is adapted for this! Improve the version can be used with a USB disk for the former OS. Meanwhile, the Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery Corporation is designed for Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / NT / Server 2008/2003/2000 with CD / DVD or USB bootable flash drive.

Main methods in eMachine password resetThey are shared as indicated above. Retrieve the forgotten password from the eMachine laptop from Safe Mode or unlock the eMachines password with the password reset disk. I hope someone helps our eMachines computer users!

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