How to reduce the bounce rate of a website?

1. Improve the readability of your content
One reason why your target customers might leave your site is the lack of readability.
The user experience begins when its content is legible and readable. Specifically, large pieces of text scare readers,
so avoid them.

2. Avoid pop-ups – Do not interrupt the UX
In 2013, 70% of users said that irrelevant pop-up windows were annoying. That probably has not changed, most people still hate pop-ups. Between site owners and sellers,
It's a hotly debated topic: use pop-ups or avoid them.

3. Create a convincing call to action
According to Go-Globe, "47% of websites have a clear call-to-action button that takes users 3 seconds or less to see." Is your site one of them?

Once you have attracted visitors with your headline and generated interest with the content, do not lose them with a weak CTA.
The action you do not want is an increase in the exit rate. You want every visitor to the site to buy, or at least think about it.

4. Improve your storytelling brand
Telling stories will captivate the minds of members of your target audience. But, you have to use it well.
Remember that your clients are connected to remember and respond to good stories.

5. Keep your blog fresh with the right content
Keeping your blog updated, with the right content, will always give the best return on investment.
According to HubSpot, companies that update their blogs with new content regularly will generate 126% more potential customers than those who do not. However, it is important to differentiate powerful content from the correct content.