How to publish to buy sites

OK, I understand that point of view – it's sensible.

But … a buyer should not do due diligence before buying?
I know that I would not send $ 10k or even $ 1k before guaranteeing that they are the owners, that they have the sales rights and that they are completed, if necessary, through the deposit in guarantee.

It is not up to you to do this, this is an exchange between 2 people, it only has the forum where they interacted.

I do not know much about this, really, but if someone introduces a person to someone who is selling a car, it is not in their problem if there is a problem, it is between the buyer and the seller.
If you are online, use the security deposit. Use a credit card. Use paypal.

DP would not be in the equation ..?

I bought some things here and there were important problems that I did not know, but I never went to support here, it's my problem …

I just think that someone should be able to publish a site requesting a site for sale and once the sale is made, it has nothing to do with DP.

What is the difference if a premium member requests to buy a site and a non-premium asks to buy a site?
Does the premium member receive any protection?

I'm not being rude here, because I've been here for years, but I do not understand logic.

I have money to spend … I want to spend it here, there is no relationship between DP and me and the seller …

There are other sites that do it for free … I'm a DP fan, I read more than I publish. I just do not understand this model.

I am constantly buying sites and there are many things that I think I can get from DP by putting a purchase thread instead of going through the sale.

I could be wrong about some of this, it's my perspective, but I think I'm right about something, too.

Your support does not have to deal with agreements between two people, they published, they talked, they sold / bought … that is their situation … both legally and legally.