How to pass a string to LPCSTR from VB.NET to a DLL programmed in C ++

We have already created a c ++ project with this method (this method is impossible to change):

int __stdcall ReadInfFile (LPCSTR path, BSTR project *, BSTR user *, double quota *)

Message box (0, "Test", "PROOF", MB_OK);
CString restorePath;
restorePath = path;
char lastChar = restorePath.GetAt ((restorePath.GetLength ()) - 1);
if (lastChar! = & # 39; \ & # 39;)
restorePath + = "\";
CString infFile = "* .INF"; // name of the information file
CString searchPath = restorePath + "* .INF";

This is how I call this function in the code.
In the past, this application was created in vb6, but after the migration, the chain that passes does not work correctly.

Dim objMillDBProj As DbProject
Dim strTmpProject As String = "" & # 39; This is completed in the C ++ function
Dim strTmpUser As String = "" & # 39; This is also complete in the C ++ function
Dim dblQuota As Double = 0 This should be 0

strmRestorePath = "c:  Restore  20190213142118  Defaults 侇 侚  Defaults 侇 侚"
objMillDBProj = New DbProject
objMillDBProj.ReadInfFile (strmRestorePath, strTmpProject, strTmpUser, dblQuota)
  1. To call this function, I transform the dll from C ++ to dop Interop.
  2. I imported the dll into the project and after that I call the
    DB project.
  3. The and c ++ project is working on Chinese PC / virtual machine
  4. The c ++ project has this option set: Character set: it's nothing
  5. In the past, was vb6

I try to send the parameter strmRestorePath with marshel like this:

objMillDBProj.ReadInfFile (Marshal.PtrToStringAnsi (strmRestorePath), strTmpProject, strTmpUser, dblQuota)

But it does not work correctly.

My question is: How is it possible to convert my String to be accepted by LPCSTR in c ++? If I analyze to the right, in VB6 the string is encoding ANSI, but I also try to convert my string to ANSI and send it to c ++, but without luck
Can it be converted to ANSI or other encoding so that LPCSTR can read it in C ++ or a sheriff conversion?

Note *: The PC where I run the program we have configured the simplified Chinese code page. I think the problem is with the Chinese characters.