How to monetize your blog like a professional

Last year, the famous gossip blogger Perez Hilton (Mario Lavandeira) earned an amazing daily income of $ 15,000, since his website earned a value of $ 2.66 million. Tech Crunch, starting as a blog, has become a viable brand, with a value of $ 10.82 million.

Blogging has become an industry in itself. Once upon a time it was a platform for the personal diary, but over the years, blogs have gained legitimacy, visibility and power on the web and beyond. As you can see, one of the changes has been the fact that you can make real money blogs, even without becoming an important source of information.

If you have thought about monetizing your website, here are some tips to help you get started.

Put your toolbox in order

Whichever method (or methods) you choose next, the key is to use the right tools to organize the process well. Here are some good ones to keep in mind:

  • Google Analytics is a necessary evil to correctly control your traffic sources
  • Register an account in ShareASale. That is an affiliate marketing network that will connect you with a few great programs
  • If you are going to create and sell a product or service, be sure to use a sales management platform to properly organize potential customers. Salemate is a good affordable option.

sales colleague

Do not start immediately

This is an unpopular opinion with some, but the truth. It may seem like a good idea to immediately start trying to monetize a blog that you just started. But at the beginning you will not have traffic to generate profits.

The exception to this rule is if you already have a viable brand and you are expanding it to include a blog for participation and social marketing. In which case, the traffic will come from your initial site, and the monetization immediately makes sense. If not, focus on building that blog before thinking about making money with it.

Join AdSense

Google AdSense is an important tool for anyone looking to monetize their website. They provide both text and image ads, and image ads generally attract the most attention and generate the most clicks.

Of course, this depends on your traffic, since most people will not access the ads. But the payment is decent, accumulates over time and is a reliable source for such a program. There are other ad programs, but none is so recommended.

Here are some excellent AdSense add-ons that will facilitate integration.

Use affiliate programs

Affiliates will be one of your biggest sources of income. Whether someone promotes your product or you promote others, even small payments will lead to a decent payment over time.

The more momentum a program gets, the more passive income it will begin to generate. You would be surprised by the numbers and the way they are built after the first six months, and especially after the first year.

You can also use banners to quickly integrate the affiliate programs that work best on your blog. Bannersnack offers a variety of free banner templates that you can use for that.

banner templates

You can also offer your blog to product companies that you commonly buy and enjoy. Many will pay several hundred dollars for a solid review at a well-established site.

Do not forget that, for both affiliate links and sponsored reviews, you must use a proper disclaimer to keep your readers' trust and be in line with US laws. UU

Optimize your search ranking

If you want to attract the traffic that will inevitably increase your income, you should increase your search level. Here is a useful checklist to start.

Since no one goes to the second page of Google, you must have a good market share in certain keywords and optimize your blog with that data. Invest in market research to find the best keywords you can use, both long and short, to improve your SEO.

Open a store

Having a store only works for some people, since often a niche does not apply very well to a series of products. But even selling cups to those who want to help support your site can be beneficial.

However, try and create products that relate well to your niche, and do not be afraid to take advantage of the internal jokes and references you have built with your followers over time.

Drop an e-book

E-books are great, and they have many uses. However, they do not contribute much money, which can be a problem unless you have the status in your industry to be able to charge a higher price for a download.

Most people will offer them at cheap or free prices, and use them to improve their visibility and attract people to your blog, thus improving their other income possibilities. Ultimately, it will depend on you.

Example: The Lost Girls knew that and wrote an excellent book about their trips that has received excellent reviews. Both ebooks and self-publishing are potential routes to this goal.

Become a speaker or consultant

Are you already well-known? Do you have any street credit in your niche? Then start using your blog as a platform to find guest speakers or consulting opportunities. You can earn thousands doing this.

Offer freelance services

Your blog can act as a kind of portfolio, showing your writing skills, nature and passion. That makes it a great opportunity to attract other people who want you to write for them.

Occasionally, you'll want to write a free guest blog post to promote your site. But, otherwise, you can offer your writing to pay, advertise through your blog and on sites like oDesk.

Start a class or series

Do you want something a little more practical or creative? So, why not run a class or series of webinars from your blog? People will pay a good amount of money for a well-organized class, and you can offer the world your knowledge and at the same time improve your own financial stability. Everyone wins.

Udemy is the perfect place to start an online course and you can also sell it through the platform! Another great tool is Google Helpouts.

It may seem like a heavy task and too good to be true. But you can really turn your website into a profitable one, even if this takes time. You just need to know how to do it. These are some tips and tricks for people who have managed to increase their regular traffic and now seek to capitalize on this growing popularity.

To get inspired, see this list of independent blogs that pay for life.

Do you have some tips to monetize your blog? Questions? Let us know in the comments.