How to make USB file transfer work in Oreo 8.1?

I always used to transfer files between my laptop and the Nexus 5X phone. When connecting the USB cable, there used to be a notification on my phone showing the USB options, which was defaulted to & # 39; Charge & # 39; and then by changing that to File Transfer you could transfer files.

I recently had to reboot my phone and now that I have a newly installed new Oreo 8.1.0 environment this USB notification no longer appears. And the device is not showing up on my laptop at all.

While searching for a solution, I came across these suggestions that I already tried:

  • Enable developer mode on Android (by clicking 7x on the build number in About).
  • In the developer options, enable and disable USB debugging.
  • Clear cache and data storage for & # 39; External Storage & # 39; & # 39; Media Storage & # 39 ;, and restart my phone, and wait a moment.
  • In the developer options, there is something called "Select USB Settings" which is in "MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)". You changed that to "Upload" or "PTP (Image Transfer Protocol)" and vice versa.

Neither of these helped, unfortunately. Some clue?

Note that the cable is fine. It works fine on other phones, and when connecting my phone to my laptop it shows the charge indicator on the battery icon. It's just USB notification and file transfer related options that are no longer there.