How to make an executable file of pygame?

How can I create an executable pygame file if it imports other files and loads images and music into it?

I have a folder called MyGame.

It contains a file (the main file) and folders: Tracks (from where I load the music in the main file), Picts (where it loads the images from the main file) and Files (where I store p files with classes and functions that use in the main file).

In the main file I use: sys.path.append (& # 39; Files & # 39;) from Imported Files File name from Filename import *

And so.

When I upload photos, I use: pygame.image.load (& # 39; Picts picturename.png & # 39;)

And when music: (& # 39; Tracks trackname.mp3 & # 39;)

Everything works fine if I run the main file with Visual Studio or CommandPromt.

But how can I download it in an executable file (of course, if possible) so that other people without IDE can execute it?

I would be grateful if someone could help me.