How to increase traffic to your website?

Free traffic

1. Facebook groups in your niche.

2. Youtube (create a YouTube video review on your product)

3. (answer people's questions and send them to your article)

4. (same as quora)

5. Related forums in your niche (same as quora)

6. Comment comments in the registry (in the correct way, do not click here) Write a comment with value (follow many people in your niche) (same as pinterest) (same as pinterest)

Paid traffic

Facebook Ads (see some YouTube videos on how to do it correctly)

Instagram (send a message to someone who has a lot of followers in 200k and tell them to create a post for their product / website, of course they will pay)

YouTube (like Instagram, you'll tell someone to put your link in the description of the video)

Ads only:

Bing Ads: (Be careful, because you can start for FREE!)


1. subscribe to a free account

2.add your payment details

3. Start the live chat and ask them for a free promotional code (they will give you a free $ 100 advertising coupon)

4. After the coupon ends, if you deposit $ 15, you will be given a free $ 75 coupon again.

5. Watch some YouTube tutorial videos on how to set up your ads

That is all