How to get more traffic to my website? | NewProxyLists

Traffic is the hardest part. One thing to keep in mind now is that traffic is not built alone. You really have to go out and win it. It becomes more difficult when your site allows adult content, because then you encounter human moral problems. It really depends on the person.

1) Social networks are all crazy. That's where the people are. You really should have an account for your site on all major networks. You will want to find groups that allow you to publish links and meet people.

2) Twitter. I have a golden rule to use twitter. NEVER waste a tweet. Each tweet must use at least 2-3 popular hash tags. If you do not know, the hashtags link your tweet with the conversation of hastag. Not using a single hashtag is a waste of a tweet. The tweets without labels only go to your followers. Therefore, my rule, never lose a tweet.

3) You do not have to go alone. We are going to talk about promoters in the next paragraph.

You would be surprised at what $ 30 dollars will do in an independent site. Post that you are looking for legitimate comments and promoters of social networks. In the sense of revisions, verify that they have a profile established with an avatar. Pay someone to promote your twitter and web link to all who are. Ask for an image test and links to where they have shared it. Give them the money. If you can leave space, say $ 60 each payday for YouTube comments and URL exchange, you may be surprised. When doing this, make sure that the promoters are within your target audience as best you can.

If you CAN spend money on the promotion, you should consider treating yourself once a year. See who will do more for 2-500 dollars or more, depending on what you can afford. There are a lot of consultants and paid promotion companies that can help if you have enough.

That is all. It is really about telling the world.