How to get more information when the Windows 10 RDP client displays a "logon failed" message?

I am trying to enter a Windows 10 Enterprise desktop behind a corporate firewall while using a cross-platform endpoint client installed on my home devices to access the network remotely through a DTLS SSL VPN tunnel.

This process is successful on my Ubuntu 18.04 laptop using the Remmina client with the following configuration:


This process fails on my Windows 10 Pro desktop using the Remote Desktop Connection client with the following configuration:


I can access the network through VPN, but unfortunately when I try to connect I receive the following generic error message:

I have already tried the following troubleshooting:

  • Verifying that the name of the computer, username and password are identical to the ones I have used successfully on my Ubuntu machine.
  • Add a private network firewall exception for Remote Desktop:

enter the description of the image here

  • Configuration of the type of location for the corporate network to be private in the configuration of group policies of my system:

enter the description of the image here

  • Restarting

At this point, I would like to know how I can delve into this and solve the RDP connection process. Here is the kind of information I'm looking for:

  • Are there some obvious troubleshooting steps that I have omitted?
  • Does the RDP client produce a record file? Where are they stored?
  • Is there an alternative Windows 10 RDP client that is known to be more reliable than Microsoft?