How to generate an Excel audit log report programmatically in SharePoint Online?

I am using the following code to enable the audit report.

Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Site site = targetCtx.Site;
Audit audit = site. Audit;
targetCtx.Load (site);
targetCtx.Load (site.RootWeb);
targetCtx.Load (site.RootWeb.AllProperties);
targetCtx.Load (audit);
targetCtx.ExecuteQuery ();
site.RootWeb.AllProperties["_auditlogreportstoragelocation"]= site.ServerRelativeUrl + "/ AuditData";
// Enable all audits is the site collection level
site.Audit.AuditFlags = Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.AuditMaskType.All;
site.Audit.Update ();
// Adjust the retention time in 1 day.
//site.AuditLogTrimmingRetention = 1;
site.TrimAuditLog = true;
targetCtx.ExecuteQuery ();

But I need to automatically generate an Excel audit report for the document library given automatically using the console application. It's possible?